Musings from HSTW Data conference

Mr. Doughan, Mr. Van Meter and I are attending the High Schools That Work using data to set improvement agenda workshop today and tomorrow. We have learned quite a bit about PHS’s students, staff and curriculum so far.

Some quotes:
“It is far better to accelerate students than to remediate them.”
“They can’t learn it if they are not exposed to it.”
“The number one reason students drop out is because they are bored.”

From our data:
85% of our students think that post high school education is very import. My thought: We need to prepare all of our students for post high school education!

Only 9% of our students that graduated last year took the HSTW recommended curriculum yet we performed significantly above students at all schools on all parts of the HSTW exam!
My thought: How well could they do if we did a better job of providing the key indicators identified by HSTW as important to achievement? How high would our students score if they were all pushed to take the HSTW core curriculum courses?


One thought on “Musings from HSTW Data conference

  1. We have a “pod” of students who fail all or almost all subjects across the board. I would gladly take the blame for not motivating them if I saw them doing well in other classes, but surely not all of us are boring!

    I agree 100% that something needs to change, but I don’t know what that change is.

    I hope that one of you three asked about IEP students in the HSTW program. šŸ™‚

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