Homecoming week: 100 years…..a Hundred Memories!

What a fantastic Homecoming week we just finished. In my 20 years at PHS I have never seen student and faculty school spirit so widely displayed! Thank you to everyone who made it possible! Thanks to the PHS 100 Year Anniversary Committee for all of your work! Thank you to the student council and sponsors Roger Thomas and Sarah Hill! Spirit week was awesome. Powder puff was a lot a fun and very sportsmanlike. The parade was fantastic! The dance was well attended and very well done! The class games were incredible! The lunch provided by the Paris Ministerial Association was enjoyed by both faculty and staff. Congratulations to the football team and head coach Mike Brouwer on their 42-21 victory over Newton! Congratulations to the senior class on your spirit week victory! Way to go teachers for winning the tug of war! Great job to the teachers in the Homecoming Shuffle skit….you gals were so funny! To see so many of our students and staff decked out in orange and black last friday was unbelievable! The spirit club was loud and boisterous at the game and made a huge difference in the outcome…..way to go Mrs. Bradfield! Class sponsors did a great job of guiding their classes through the week from float building to powderpuff to all the other extra duties you fulfilled during the week! The PHS Band did a great job at the game and during the parade! Hats off to Mr. Tripp and the PHS Band Parents. Thank you to the faculty for all that you do everyday to make our students’ experience at PHS the best it can be! And finally, thank you to the City of Paris for supporting your students and your school!

3 thoughts on “Homecoming week: 100 years…..a Hundred Memories!

  1. I second your comments. This has been the BEST spirit week I think we have ever had since I have been here. There was something for everyone.
    Tammy P

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