One Year……100 posts

September 17th marks the one year anniversary of the phsprincipalblog. Big whoop most of you would say! Well, anyway, this blog has allowed me to “think aloud” if you will. I have managed to rekindle my passion in education….(bet you can’t figure it out!) Although my blog has concentrated on changing high school and integrating technology, being part of the blogging world in education has also made me aware of the other issues that need attention in our profession of student preparation. Writing here has introduced me to a lot of great educators who also blog their ideas about education. My personal learning network (the people I read on the net) has made my positions on, and thinking about education evolve so much in the past year. Here is to another year of blogging, learning and self discovery!

3 thoughts on “One Year……100 posts

  1. I read your blogs and appreciate very much what you are trying to accomplish. It shows you care about our children and their education and that you want much better for them. Keep blogging and congratulations.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I was so pleased to discover “one of my students” still blogging! I am a proud teacher today! I am going to feature your blog next week during my leadership session. Keep writing you have great things to share!
    Meg Ormiston

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