Employer Expectations III

The following are what American Business and Industry have called the universal failures of employee preparation programs both at the public secondary level and at the post secondary level: We have failed to produce workers that have formal/PROPER SPEECH AND VOCABULARY; today’s candidates for jobs fail to have proper HYGIENE and seem not to care about their APPEARANCE.; today’s new workers do not have a positive COMPORTMENT and do not realize that BEHAVIOR matters; our young workers fail to be PUNCTUAL and lack AMBITION; workers coming through the doors looking for employment do not have LEADERSHIP SKILLS and do not have the ability to WORK IN TEAMS.

Before we get defensive, we must analyze our product. Not only do we need to look at the hard skills our students need to have to compete for a job in today’s economy, we must look at the attitudes and etiquette that are necessary to compete for gainful employment. Are there things we need to do to restructure in public education so our students learn and see the importance of above mentioned “failures” of today’s employee training programs? If our product is not selling, we better make changes or we will be out of business! We know our students are very capable of demonstrating what employers say they lack. They do need to see it modeled everyday by those that are influential in their lives. They need to know that everyday these things matter! We need to do more to get them ready for the work environment they will have to survive in after they finish school. The habits they build here will either serve them well or will be hard to break in the future. What do you think?

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