Employer expectations part II (revision I)

Business managers from Fortune 500 companies suggest that today’s high school and college students need to have different experiences to prepare them for work. I am going to add comments to these suggestions over the next couple of days. I would like readers to chime in with their thoughts about what our students need to be required to do to get ready for life after high school. Below are some of the suggestions business managers have for schools and their students: (additional comments will be in red) FEEL FREE TO COMMENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS! Ok, here I go having a discussion with myself again………

  • Use Teams to Complete Complex Projects Use multitask, differentiated projects for groups where students have to learn to depend on one another! Simply creating a Powerpoint for presentation is not a multitask project!
  • Enforce Real-World Rules What do Real-World Rules mean to you? To me, real competition produces winners and losers and motivation to do your best. Educators need to give students the opportunities to work in these conditions. We need to quit training our students to do high school…..We need to train them for what comes after it!
  • Require Precise Communication
  • No “Typos” Allowed OK this might be hypocritical (right proofreader?), but we need to require our students get spelling and punctuation correct! How many times do we stop paying attention to what someone has written or is saying because of improper grammar or spelling mistakes?
  • Regular Team Member Reports
  • Do Complex Projects for Other Teachers
  • Build Business Relationships

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