A new series…..Employer Expectations

I am going to start another of my wildly popular series today. (I have had at least one comment on one of my earlier series….that makes them popular right?) Every business idea that was ever worth anything started with the concept for an end product. Then a plan was formulated to create and market said product and then reap the rewards…..well, maybe it is not quite that simple, but for my argument it will suffice. Public schools are no different. We produce a product. The biggest problem, in my humble opinion, is that we do not do a good job of doing market research to improve or change our product. The market forces that affect us really has not forced us to do so…..but that is a whole other story. Our schools were designed to produce students with a general all around information/knowledge and skill bases. Today’s world is remarkably different than the one in which our school systems were designed! Information changes and grows geometrically before we can adjust our curriculum. Skills that only the highly professional careers needed years ago are now expected in almost every field. I now must ask an important question….what is our product? Does what we produce need to change? Are we training the workers and college students of tomorrow or are we just teaching our students how to do high school? I think we must analyze what the market expects then look at what we are producing and see if it matches. Tomorrow, I will blog about some of the expectations today’s business world looks for from prospective employees.

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