What did you have them do today?

Students have to do something with curriculum content! Reading about it and listening to it is not enough. Every unit needs to contain active learning (see the table to the left) opportunities. Technology affords us many opportunities to challenge our students with more active ways of processing information and concepts!
Most traditional pedagogy consists of little more than having students read an assignment and/or listen to a lecture with a very limited amount of engaging conversation with classmates or other resources. Consider using more dynamic forms of Dialogue with Others and the other three modes of learning. For example:
1. Create small groups of students and have them make a decision or answer a focused question periodically,
2. Find ways for students to engage in authentic dialogue with people other than fellow classmates who know something about the subject (on the web, by email, or live)
3. Have students keep a journal or build a “learning portfolio”, or write on your blog about their own thoughts, learning, feelings, etc.,
4. Find ways of helping students observe (directly or vicariously) the subject or action they are trying to learn, and/or
5. Find ways to allow students to actually do (directly, or vicariously with case studies, simulation or role play) that which they need to learn to do.

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