The first day of school (can it already be here?)

Wow, did Summer fly by or what? It is hard to believe that we are on the precipice of the 2008-09 school year already! It is always exciting to open the new school year. We have a lot of new faces around here. Over 160 new freshmen! Seven new teachers!


We have nine new SMARTboards (to go with the six we already had), twenty five new computers in our business lab in room 33, 25 new computers in the library(and if I understand it right, a bunch more are going to show up soon due to a grant award Ms. Hill applied for! Way to go Ms. Hill! YEAH, WE ARE GOING WIRELESS!)

It is always great to see the students show up at the beginning of the year. Although they hate to admit it, most of them are ready for it to start. They always show up looking to see what we have to offer. Hoping to find the key to success, something to interest them, caring relationships, a routine to keep them disciplined, acceptance, affirmation that they are worthy, a helping hand. Lets not disappoint them! We must mentor them, engage them, excite them, facilitate positive and interesting learning environments for them, and most of all WE MUST CHALLENGE THEM! They want high expectations. They want feedback. They want to know how to correct their mistakes. They want a job well done acknowledged!

2008-09 will be a great school year! It is our responsibility to make it happen! We are up to this task!

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