A great set of links for Technology Integration and SMARTboards!

I hope Skip Zalneraitis, who writes the itlc blog, does not mind me reposting his SMARTboard, IWB Resources entry here. These are some great resources for our teachers that are going to be using interactive SMARTboards for the first time this year. All of these links look very useful! THANK YOU Mr. Zalneraitis!

http://www.lynnreedy.com – “This site has been designed to provide technology resources to educators. Its focus is to assist teachers in the integration of technology across the curriculum.”

http://www.community.teqsmart.org/download.php – Tequipment’s Educator Resource Center

http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-us/ – Smart Technologies’ Educators’ Resources and Classroom Solutions

http://exchange.smarttech.com/ – “We’re turning this passion into the SMART Exchange, a community of teachers, administrators and SMART experts sharing ideas, expertise and enthusiasm to create extraordinary moments in the classroom.”
– “Puzzled about what to do next with your SMART education technology products? There’s no need to be. Our Teachers’ Hub will help you put everything together – one piece at a time.”
http://www.interactivewhiteboard.net.au – “Interactivewhiteboard.net.au aims to be the leading authority on interactive whiteboards and their use in education in Australia. This website is not about sales of products. Rather its aim is to encourage and support teachers and other educators who are committed to interactive learning environments in today’s 21st century classrooms.” Here is the lessons page – http://www.interactivewhiteboard.net.au/lesson.asp.
InteractiveWhiteboards in the Classroom. This page was created with support from a U.S. Department of Education PT3 grant (”Join Together”, P342A030098).
Silvia Tolisano is teacher in Florida. She was born in Germany, and raised in Argentina. Her blog, Langwitches, is liberally salted with a great many links for SMARTboard activities. If you follow the right column in her blog down to ‘Categories’, find SmartBoard, and click it, it will aggregate all of the post she has written about SMARTboards or cited links to them.
http://Talking SMARTboards & Much More – Sharing ideas to use the SMARTboard in a Special Ed classroom. Find her ‘Categories’ on the right and click ’smartboard’.
http://smartboardrevolution.ning.com/ – ” All smart board educators, unite! Let’s share ideas, tips, and lesson files to maximize learning for the children. They are our future. Let’s teach them well and let them…something or other. I can’t think of anything right now.”
Teachers Love SMART Boards – James Hollis is SMARTboard sales and supportperson from Illinois, who I came across on Twitter. Jim corrects me below – “I appreciate that you listed my Teachers Love SMART Board blog and I just thought I would mention that I’m not associated with Smart Technologies in any way. I’m just a teacher and technology trainer trying to help teachers use SMART Boards more effectively.”

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