PHS Improvement Plan Part V

V. Student Attendance and Hallway Behavior

We want to raise our attendance rate from 90.07% in 2007-08 to 92% in 2008-09. To do this we will monitor daily attendance and admits more closely in the PHS office. We have arranged administrative schedules to dedicate time each morning to checking admit status (students who have been absent) and following up on students absent the morning they are not in school. Use of the Student Resource Officer will be focused on home visits(with an administrator) for those students that are chronically truant.

Our staff would like to see improvement in hallway behavior as evidenced by fewer referrals to the office for between class infractions. Teacher and administrator visibility is the key for this effort. Teachers and administrators will be in the hallways before and after school as well as between classes. We have moved some of the locker assignments to reduce hallway congestion in the basement.

Incentives will be used to reward students with good attendance. Every month a drawing will be held for students with perfect for the previous month. Prizes may include free dance tickets, PHS athletics passes, discounts on yearbooks…etc… Individual teachers will also be allowed to give incentives in class for attendance. These may include dropping a lowest grade or increased size of note cards used on finals.

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