Where do Seniors fit in?

One of the biggest challenges high schools face is making the senior year relevant. Since Paris High School has joined the High Schools That Work network, we have tasked ourselves with trying to make the senior student’s experience more challenging and relevant. Last year we added a mentoring program for our entire student body, which included seniors. We have differentiated what we are doing with the program and have developed several “senior only” programs for them. Over the past three years we have added more college co-credit and AP courses and have encouraged our students to take as many of these as they can. This year we have added another with a college freshman level Science course. We have not yet received this year’s seniors PSAE scores. (The fact that we do not have these yet illustrates one of the biggest holes in the NCLB process. Data is only good if we have it in time to make changes based on that feedback) We anticipate that this years scores will be higher than they have been in the past several years, but that remains to be seen. We always take those scores and look at what parts of the curriculum needs to be prescriptively emphasized for each individual class. All seniors that do not meet on the English or reading portion of the PSAE will take our English IV course that will work on specific skills identified by deficits on the test. One of our big goals for this year is to study how to implement a senior project that becomes the capstone learning experience for our students before they graduate. We have also put in an online learning lab with Internet curriculum available for students to make up credits when they have failed required courses. A teacher will be available in the lab to help students with concepts and skills as needed. As always, if you have a specific question about something you read here or anything about PHS, I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your concerns. Simply give me a call and we will set up an appointment to talk.

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