PHS School Improvement Plan part IV

III. Drop out Prevention
A. Mentoring program will continue and will incorporate the Freshman Focus curriculum for our freshman groups. We will add emphasis to the career day opportunity for students. Staff will meet during July 2008 to finalize more differentiated curriculum for our sophomore, junior and senior groups. The mentoring group will continue to study the final project option for seniors and look to implement that for the 2009-2010 school year. We expect to maintain a 90% graduation rate.
B. Paris High School will use the Novell Stars online curriculum to help students make up credits that have been failed. Novell Stars provides online curriculum in all academic areas and will be available to student in a computer lab staffed by a certified teacher during the regular school day. Students will be identified by guidance, administration and teaching staff to use the Novell Stars program to earn credit. We expect to maintain a 90% graduation rate.
C. We will continue to use lunch bunch to help those student who are struggling in their freshman classes. All freshman students who are failing a class will be referred to the lunch bunch. This year a student mentoring program will be introduced which will allow for student mentors/tutors from the National Honor Society, Key Club, and etc…, to work with struggling students. We want to see that 100% of our freshmen are classified as sophomores following their first year of high school.

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