School Improvement Plan (part III)

II. Math Achievement
A. Two math teachers have been given a period to work with students in a small groups on a daily basis. Students for this program have been identified by using ISAT, EXPLORE and PLAN test results as well as by teacher recommendation. Students identified have been grouped and scheduled in PE classes and will be pulled out at least once a week for math instruction in small groups. The instruction will be based on the needs of individual student as identified by test deficiencies and classroom performance. The teachers will incorporate the use of WINS for Work Keys where necessary to provide students with real world math problems and to prepare them for the PSAE exam. We expect 65% of the students identified for this program to meet or exceed on the math portion of the PSAE test. B. All juniors will use the WINS for Work Keys program to assess math achievement. Students will take a pre test in September and will work with their Math teacher to set a personal goal for the end of the for achievement during the school year. All students will show progress towards that goal by using the WINS software as tracked by administration, guidance personnel and Math teachers.

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