Leadership Day

Leadership…..or lack of it? Schools are at best marginally effective. As leaders we must have courage to change what our schools are…..we must challenge ourselves to change! What do we need to do to ensure that our great country continues to educate each coming generation so they can live the “American Dream?” Surely it is more than giving worksheets and showing movies, filling heads with facts and simple manipulations and then drilling them to see if we didn’t numb them to death? We have to get beyond seeing ourselves as the repository and perfunctory disseminator of information! We must teach, or better yet, learn alongside with our staff and students, not facts, but functions and skills. We need to stop thinking about a general knowledge education….all that stuff (general knowledge) is available wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection. We need to teach today’s student to do specialized things that have use in today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces. Today’s schools are mostly unengaging. Today’s students can find what they need(want) to know without ever stepping into our schools(…more than likely they can just look it up on their phone.) Through their eyes, we become more and more irrelevant all the time. As leaders IT IS OUR JOB TO SEE THAT IT CHANGES!

As school leaders we must challenge the status quo at every chance. We must pressure local, state and national political bodies to have the courage to make education our number one priority. We must challenge the teachers staffing our buildings to become lead learners who facilitate engaging learning environments which challenge our students. Most importantly, we must demonstrate our willingness to change in order to bring about change!

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