PHS improvement plan (rough draft) partII

Part II of this series begins the description of the action plan for each identified area of concentration….

I. Reading Achievement
A. Paris High School will employ a full time Title I reading teacher that will teach supplemental English for both Freshmen and Juniors. These classes will focus on reading comprehension skills and reading strategies aimed at bringing students closer to grade level in reading and prepare them for PSAE and pre college level classes. Students for these classes have been identified by ISAT, EXPLORE, and PLAN scores, as well as by teacher recommendation. The classes will parallel the English I and English III classes that these students will also be enrolled in. The curriculum for these classes will supplement English I and III and will incorporate the use of WINS for Work Keys and ACT online preparation. We expect to see 65% of the students identified for this program meet or exceed on the PSAE exam during their junior year.
B. Teachers will incorporate reading strategies into their curriculum on an ongoing basis. Staff training will focus on reading across the curriculum. One of our five ½ inservice days at the beginning of the school year will be dedicated to reading strategies and reading across the curriculum. Teachers will be required to keep reading strategies in their lesson plans as well share their in class strategies in monthly staff meetings and on the PHS staff development blog. Each teacher will be required to report out monthly on reading strategies used and their effectiveness. The principal will see that all lesson plan requirements are met and that all staff are reporting out using the blog or in staff meetings. The administrative staff will observe lessons using reading strategies on an ongoing basis.
C. Teachers will use ACT like questions that require students to read for information using reading passages, charts, and graphs on regularly scheduled tests. Each department chair will maintain a test bank of ACT like questions that are used on tests within the department. The administration will review test banks and will require teachers to demonstrate how tests reflect this requirement.
D. All juniors will use the WINS for Work Keys program to assess reading achievement. Students will take a pre test in September and will work with their English teacher to set a personal goal for the end of the year for achievement during the school year. All students will show progress towards that goal by using the WINS software as tracked by administration, guidance personnel and English teachers.

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