Paris High School–School Improvement Plan (in rough draft) Part I

Over the summer the PHS staff meets to look at data and discuss our focus for improvement for the upcoming school year. We are always missing one big piece of the puzzle this time of the year and that is our state test scores. We look at formal and informal surverys, test scores from PLAN, ACT, WINSforWork Keys, and classroom assessments in our summer meetings. When we finish our planning time we usually have at least a rough draft of our new school improvement plan. I am going to post our preliminary plan on this blog in a series (not another one!)

2008-2009 Paris High School Improvement Plan Summary
We have identified six major areas for concentration of improvement efforts. They are:

I. Reading Achievement
II. Math Achievement
III. Drop out prevention
IV. Student behavior and Attendance
V. Technology Integration
VI. School Spirit

Over the next several days I will post the different action plans we are proposing in each of these identified areas.

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