Thank You!

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the people who work so hard to make PHS a place for students to learn and grow. We have a great staff that really worked hard this year. They picked up with several new items this year and really made them work, especially the new mentoring program. I know I do not say it enough, but you truly are a great group of people! Our office staff works so very hard to make the school run efficiently. I cannot say enough about the main office secretaries and what they do to keep things running. Our guidance staff has been wonderful too. This years seniors have managed to earn right at $500,000 in scholarships! Our support staff: janitors, cooks, maintenance, IT, and aides have also done an exceptional job this year. I am already looking forward to the 2008-09 school year knowing that our students will have the benefit of working with you all again! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

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