NETS for Teachers Part V….Productivity and Professional Practice

V. Productivity and Professional Practice
My musings are in orange …again
Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practice. Teachers:

A. Use technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.
It is so easy to set up a personal learning network about teaching practices and using technology in education. So many excellent teachers and technologists are writing about great practices everyday! It takes a few minutes a day to browse the blogs and pick up ideas and pointers for those practicing in the field!
B. Continually evaluate and reflect on professional practice to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of student learning.
I believe blogging and reading the thoughts published it the education blogosphere is invaluable for self reflection! Try it. You might like it!
C. Apply technology to increase productivity.
I know classroll is not everybody’s favorite, but think of the barriers it has broken down for us. Using productivity software has saved so much time. There are so many new tools to use! (remember when we used to fight over the report cards in the teacher’s lounge?….come to think of it, most of you probably don’t!)
D. Use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community to nurture student learning. If somebody who rambles on several times a week about the same topic (me for example) has about 25 to 30 folks stopping by daily to look at his blog, think about those of you who have exciting things to talk about might generate. If you start posting student work. Assigning your students to do podcasts. Have students create original projects to put on the web. Think of the traffic you could generate and better yet the interest and engagement you could create for your students!

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