Class Games

Friday’s class games were a huge success. Congratulations to the seniors on their victory! A very special thanks to the M&M team for taking the risk and setting up the games! The student council was very helpful in judging as well as demonstrating the events. What a great reward for faculty and students that have been working so hard this year! I am practicing tying balloons this weekend in hopes I will not embarrass myself again next time!

4 thoughts on “Class Games

  1. I agree. Hurray to the M&M committee for a wonderful class game day and for the material they have put together for mentoring all year long. I can only imagine how hard they worked!

    I also appluad the student body for acting so appropriately and with so much school spirit. I haven’t seen that much school spirit in a long time. Even though we are so focused on getting you needed material in the classroom, you can still view school as fun, and Friday’s games should continue for many years to come.

    Teachers still rule, even if we came in 3rd place!

  2. Roger Thomas:

    What do you guys think about doing class games next year as part of homecoming week, but these games could be outside (weather permitting)??

  3. I had SO much fun at class games. It is just the kid coming out in me, I know. It was interesting watching the crowd evolve (Spelling) from somewhat reserved to total mania. I hope we can do this again next year. It was a nice break before Prairie State/ACT. Believe me, the Juniors are already planning for next year. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to let myself or any of the other members of the M&M committee know.
    TEACHERS…….You rock!

  4. I think we should have Class Games again and i also think we should do it outside so we can wear shorts and tee-shirts and next year the Sophomores WILL win LOL!!

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