Cell phones in school

Currently at PHS we are looking at our cell phone policy and considering change. We currently do not allow cell phones in classrooms. Cell phones are to be kept in lockers and only used before and after school. Enforcement of this rule has become difficult. We have put up a discussion strand on our staff development blog. Join the discussion please. We want your input!

Look at this blog entry…….could this happen at PHS?

One thought on “Cell phones in school

  1. I think cell phones pose a potentially serious problem for schools. With camera phones and instant messaging, academic integrity becomes an issue. In addition, I have read about horror stories in which (usually) young ladies are photograghed in the locker room or rest room while changing clothes and then the pictures are shared with the world. In some instances, the student is emotionally traumatized and can ruin a high school career. We must do everything we can to pretect our students from this. I think our current policy of keeping cell phones turned off and in the student’s locker is the safest bet for all involved and strict enforcement and consequences must maintained by the entire school.
    Andy Goodwin

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