3 thoughts on “You have to see this!

  1. Thanks for linking the Art Department! The students have worked so hard this year and I am very proud of their accomplishments!!!!

  2. As I watched this video I was amazed at the quality and creativity that your class has produced, then I put on my Transformed School Counselor hat and really started thinking…
    Your projects really encourage students to look at things from another vantage point, to find the beauty in small things, and really pay attention to detail. These are skills that are important to their studies as well as their daily lives. Awesome job ms. phegley!

  3. Hey, Gary, love the photo display! What a great way to share-out great student work.

    By the way, congrats on winning the “blog-o-the-month” spot at the Blogger’s Hut on ISTE Island in Second Life for the month of April. Keep those blogposts coming, since their subject headers will be automatically updated for any visitors to the Hut. Sadly, there’s no monetary prize, but you or anyone who visits the Hut can pick up a free “So Many Blogs, So Little Time…” tee-shirt for their avatar there! Keep up the great work!!!

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