More on an effective high school

Earlier this month I posted about my thoughts on an effective high school. I promised to follow up with more details… to continue the conversation……….

An effective high school will challenge students to communicate:
Technology is changing the way schools need to engage their students. A school that challenges its students for the 21st century must make connections to the outside world. Besides bringing in local experts, we must make use of available connectivity to link students to sources from around the world to broaden their perspectives and enhance their communication skills. The Internet has made it possible to expand the classroom experience beyond the school and local learning opportunities.

An effective high school will challenge students to collaborate:
We must get beyond teaching students in separate periods of time. Our structure today has students taking as many as seven….(next year eight) different classes. A typical day has a student moving from one class to the next making very few connections between them. Students must be given challenges in which they must use skills that are developed in all classes. They must have opportunities to collaborate with each other as well as resources from from outside of school to explore creative ways to approach problems and develop strategies to solve complex issues.

to be continued……..

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