Quote to ponder……

“In a world where information was scarce, schools operated as kind of a repository of that precious resource. But now information is abundant. A school doesn’t have to harvest and distribute this scarce resource. It has to serve some other kind of function.” -Daniel Pink

We must define those new functions! What thoughts do you have?

2 thoughts on “Quote to ponder……

  1. That is a very interesting quote; it really made me think. Maybe since the available knowledge is so vast, it is the school’s job to cover what is most important for the students to know. We could never learn every piece of knowlegde available, so the schools narrow it down for us into the most important stuff that, in their opinion, we need to know. We need to learn the basics to many things, and the school teaches us that. We also need to know some things more in-depth than others, and the school again provides us with that knowledge. It is the school’s job to build a foundation of knowledge, and then it is each student’s job to build off of that foundation and learn as much of that available knowledge that is possible.

  2. I believe the academic centers’ primary responsibility is to provide the tools and instruction or application of said tools to open the door for students to become lifelong learners. Whether or not they decide to walk through the door we open for them is entirely up to them.

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