Questions that rattle around in my head……

As I sat down to put into words some thoughts on education, only questions came to mind today. These are the same questions I am always searching for an anwer to and am wondering if any one else has some ideas? Pick one out…..give it your best shot and give your thoughts in a comment (try it, you might like it). There are no right or wrong answers and the only risk you take is becoming involved in the solution!

  1. What do we need to consider to make our school the best we can for our students?
  2. Can we realize the need to change without feeling as though what we do now is not valued?
  3. Will we acknowledge that today’s learners are different and the tools they use to manipulate their world have completely changed in the last ten years?
  4. Why are so many students choosing to leave high school before they finish (both here and everywhere else)?
  5. What does the perfect school look like?
  6. How can we best leverage resources to fund an adequate education for everyone?
  7. What does the most effective pedagogy (teaching) look like?
  8. How can we harness the community’s interest in education in a positive way, create solutions and make changes without making excuses and pointing fingers?

4 thoughts on “Questions that rattle around in my head……

  1. 4. Kids are leaving school before they are finished because they are uninspired. I believe just walking into our ancient high school is a huge problem. I don’t feel good when I walk in there. The fact that the adults in this community can’t come together to give these kids a beautiful, interesting, interactive, state of the art school to learn and feel important is part of the problem.
    The poverty rate here is another factor-you follow by example. Parents who dropped out or just didn’t try or finish college taking jobs at minimum wage don’t inspire kids. And you have parents who don’t seem to want or know they should be involved in every moment of their child’s education. Kids start failing and don’t know how to fix it. You have parents who won’t even go on classroll, but complain they didn’t know their kid was struggling-they don’t even know what classes or who their teachers are.
    Learning the way we did 20-30 years ago won’t work now. Your blogs on using technology give me hope that someone will pick up your ideas and go for it. You have to grab kids and use what they love or enjoy. Unfortunately, if you can’t inspire teachers enough to pick up new ways and ideas then maybe there is no solution. I guess there is a fear factor there.
    The problem is huge and I don’t think my kids will see the change in PHS, but I hope in the not too far off future kids will see a change and feel inspired. We have to teach kids not to settle. There’s a saying and it’s something about if you settle for what you have then you deserve what you get. We-kids and parents and teachers and administrators shouldn’t settle for what we have we deserve more than that. It does take a village to raise a child-another saying I think may be appropriate to this topic.

  2. Thank you for your comment! We cannot continue to settle for the status quo….somehow we must get beyond talking about change and make it happen!

  3. Students are leaving schools early because they frequently fall behind and can not see how they will graduate with their peers if at all. More must be done to assure that there are better ways of helping students get caught up again, summer school needs to be offered and expanded, technology offers these options and needs to be explored as well.


    We focus too much on testing and test results and too little on thinking skills. While is may be needed and useful to understand a basic set of facts most high school age students should be able to move past that and should be using knowlege in real world situations that will engage them and help them learn to think, not memorize and repeat.

  4. It is scary to find or know that some of my fellow classmates will not walk through our graduation ceremony with us. It is so weird to me that, they would “quit” at this stage in their life. I realize some students have different situations than others,but I just find it unreal that they would give up their education that guides them through their life every day. As our world is becoming more and more technological, we need to be educated about this stuff so giving up now or leaving now leaves the problem of not knowing how to use it in the right way. Is there a way to stop people from leaving or walking away so early?!

    julia i.

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