Who is reading? A reader demographic study

One of the recent comments that was posted here made me start thinking about the focus of this blog overall. I always assume that I am writing primarily for staff, students, and some parents. I know by looking at the blog’s statistics that a majority of readers are local, but there also a good number that read from afar.

I would like to try a little experiment. I would like you to post a comment to this blog. I know many of you do not want to give up your anonymity, and you will not have to. All you have to do is click on the comments link and type where you are reading from and if you are willing, what you do for a living. If you are local please tell your relationship to the school. Tell me whether you are a teacher, a parent, a student, member of the Board of Ed. etc…. I would like to know more about the audience of this blog. Knowing more about the readers will allow me to understand how to approach the topics I write about.
Thanks in advance for your participation!

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