Failure to Launch

One of the really neat things about blogging…(we ask our students to journal in English classes for the same reason) is that it forces reflection, and if you know somebody else is going to read it, it makes you want it to be purposeful reflection! In a perfect situation, I could reflect, synthesize ideas and have others join in(via comments)to help make learning connections. I really would like to influence teachers, students and the community to become involved in the learning opportunities evolving on the Internet(see this link). I am very impressed with the learning collaborative that has developed at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, CO. In a perfect world, teachers and students would be using web 2.0 tools to engage themselves and each other in the rich stream of information and skills being discussed on the Internet everday. Unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time learning about new tools for use in the classroom, but I have failed to influence others to use them on a daily basis. My original purpose for this blog has failed launch, at least in the way that I envisioned it to. I would love to see more student use of blogging, video, synchronous communication and media rich presentations. We need to move beyond powerpoint and bulleted text. Students need to be creators of original material that demonstrates growth and understanding with the ability to relate to and influence one another as well as those folks on the outside of the school walls.

One thought on “Failure to Launch

  1. Captain, you are looking at this the wrong way. I think your spyglass must be backwards! Your crew may not be as large or as experienced as you want it to be, but some are on board. Granted, some of us are capable of only swabbing the poopdeck, but we are trying!

    Your ship HAS launched. It just isn’t moving as quickly as you want it to travel. Maybe you need to figure out how to get more wind in our sails!

    And if the landlubbers see how well the ship is moving, maybe the next time you dock, you’ll get more sailors.

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