Thinking about the New Year

Why is it that the New Year always brings reflection and the inevitable list of resolutions of things to do? We all need to have closure to things and the brisk feeling of a fresh start. That is my best guess anyway. I was really inspired by a fellow principal blogger and his resolutions, so I am going to attempt to create a list of doable resolutions for 2008(….is that possible, 2008!? My seventh year as principal at PHS? My 10th as a building administrator? My 19th year in education?…….OK, too much reflection is going to depress me!)

Anyway…here they are in no particular order:

  1. Work hard to integrate our new Work Keys software…the WINS solution into our everyday curriculum. This should help our students prepare for the world of work as well as better prepare them for day two of the PSAE
  2. Help our Data Committee and Department Chair break down our recent EXPLORE and PLAN scores into usable data for making curriculum and scheduling decisions.
  3. Student motivation. Work with guidance and mentoring team to more fully develop our scholastic and career planning initiatives for students. Develop incentives for students to attend school, stay in school, and do well in class and on the PSAE.
  4. (saved the most important for last!) BE MORE VISIBLE IN THE CLASSROOMS! Have more time to interact with staff and students.

Don’t forget to ask me how I am doing on these! What are your resolutions for this year?

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