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When I talk about change and show the staff things that suggest how education seems to be stagnant in a time when change is happening so rapidly, I am not saying that we are doing a bad job or that we have to work harder. We may need to consider how we work and changing what we can as we learn how to. I have no doubt that you as a teacher are doing the best you can and working hard to do what is best for our students! We must not let ourselves feel put down simply because someone suggests we consider doing things differently! Every other profession requires constant change to meet the demands of a changing market. If they don’t change someone else comes in and does it better! We have never experienced this to a strong degree in education….until now. The competition is coming because the world is “flattening” out. We are in direct competition with other economies. Competition is a good thing. It forces innovation and makes things more efficient. We have great faculty that needs to know I support it! I will continue to talk about change and try to make it happen where I can. I do this only because I think it is best for our students, not because I do not value what you do or how hard you work!

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  1. I love the facial expressions! I might have to let my speech students look at this next semester and critique it. Not enough eye contact and sounds too read. Relax and speak in an impromptu style!

    Seriously, I like this and will have to figure out how to use it. I see a great deal of potential here.

  2. Hey,

    You try thinking and looking at the little eye camera sitting on top of your monitor! I think students and parents would enjoy listening to compositions and speeches online!

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