Too soon to say goodbye!

The other day I was talking to a student who had decided to withdraw from school. The student told me that he did not understand why he had to take certain subjects and that sitting in class after class, day after day, learning things he would never utilize was a waste of his time. He told me he was going to get a GED (I made him promise, although follow- through on promises like that from other students are rarely kept…in the short term anyway) and do the same thing his father does for a living. I always feel a sense of failure when a student walks away from school and does not finish. I know students have always dropped out, my own father never finished high school, but today it is critical for young men and women to get the proper instruction and master a core set of skills to become employable and remain employable in today’s global economy. We have too many students today simply walking out the school doors without a diploma. According to a study completed at Johns Hopkins University, one in ten American high schools is considered a drop out factory. Paris High School is not one of them, but still we lose too many. Why do we lose so many high school students nation wide? There are multiple reasons why a student decides to leave school. This article does a good job of detailing some causes. In summary:

Students drop out for complex reasons. On the surface, students seem to drop out because of poor grades or the need to work. In reality, students often leave because they haven’t connected at home, school or in the community to someone who can set higher standards and help them to achieve them.

What can we do? There is no easy answer, but I do know that we must look at this problem in depth and make solving our local drop out situation a high priority. For every student that drops out there a least two more that consider leaving but remain in school with very low levels of motivation. Nashville Tennessee has had some success through a wide coalition called Alignment Nashville. Although Paris is much smaller than Nashville and the local resources may be tighter, but we have no excuse for not trying. Our community has shown that when we come together to solve a problem, we can have success! The CAMA organization has shown that it is possible for the community to “throw in” from all corners of the county to solve a problem with deep “roots” We must realize that this is more than a school problem. It is a community problem and to solve it the solutions must come from both inside and outside the school walls.

4 thoughts on “Too soon to say goodbye!

  1. I think unfortunately kids think that high school is useless. They don’t see the relevance and to some extent, I would agree. They have to be made to see where this will get them.

  2. Gary,
    Thank you for the comment. Not only do we need demonstrate the need for a high school education, we need to make it more relevant!

  3. Although I am still a student at PHS, I totally understand the importance of high school [maybe because I hope to become a teacher some day], and it truly breaks my heart to see students dropping out, especially since one my my friends did, he takes his GED classes, and claims he will go to college, but I can’t help but think that he isn’t being totally honest with me, or with himself. He doesn’t take anything seriously. I just wish that other students could see the importance of their education, as much as I do, and want to earn it… I try to talk to him about it, but he just says not everyone can see my point of view, no matter how much I badger him. Hopefully, someday when I am a teacher, I can show kids how important high school really is, and how much they can gain from this experience.

  4. Thank you for your comment. Keep trying! We need students like you to continue to talk to your peer about how important it is to stick with it!

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