Faculty Reading Meeting


I was very impressed with Tuesday’s faculty meeting. Thank you to all of those teachers that presented their ideas today. You did a GREAT JOB! I like the rapport that we have started in our endeavor to raise our students’ reading scores. Remember, if you need help implementing any reading strategy see me or the teachers who have presented so far. I am going to keep track of the strategies presented here so I (we) can refer back to them when needed.

Pictures for vocabulary
Contextual clues
Book walks
Outlining & summarizing…..modeling and thinking aloud for students

I am little worried that no one is reading this blog…..(if a tree falls on your blog in a forest does your blog get smashed…or make a sound…uh oh well)

I would like you to reply and discuss any ideas you have or things you have tried while teaching reading in your context area.

6 thoughts on “Faculty Reading Meeting

  1. Mr. Meister,

    It seems as though your staff is really trying to make a difference. Tell the PHS staff to keep up the good work!

  2. I enjoy hearing creative ideas that I can use in my classroom…but I really don’t feel that I would have anything to tell the faculty that they don’t already know or use. It kind of worries me that everyone will be asked to participate…reminds me of being called on in Geometry when I was in high school.

  3. Perhaps some other teachers want to start tracking blog posts with RSS feeds like I do with Google Reader? That way I always know when my principal has a new blog post! 🙂 See your friendly librarian if you need help setting up your RSS feeds!

  4. Pam I am sure that you have valuable things to share with the faculty! There are things I have seen you using in your classroom that would be good to share!

  5. From an elementary perspective: when we teach reading as a separate core subject, 80% of the kids pass the reading test. When we stop teaching reading as a core subject, the kids do poorly. That seems so obvious to an elementary teacher! I applaud PHS and Mayo for attempting to right the problem, but do not think a hit ir miss approach will be “enough.” We need to teach reading as a core subject at all levels. Maybe the senior college bound reader needs different skills than a senior factory bound kid, but they all need more instruction! Not teaching reading, then wondering why we fail is definitely in the “no duh!” category.

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