Building and Cultivating a Positive Learning Environment

Relationships and expectations are the foundation of a school that will prepare students for higher education and/or careers. Strong relationships with other students and staff cannot exist without a culture of trust and respect. We as a staff can build the level of trust in our building by affording the students a level of respect by which we acknowledge them not as subordinates, but as fellow learners. Our mentoring program (A BIG THANKS TO OUR MENTORING TEAM!) is being designed and implemented to help both students and teachers build positive, respectful relationships. It is the aim of this endeavor to build strong relationships between teachers and students for the purpose of guiding students, building motivation for learning, and exposing our students to information which will guide them in their daily decisions as well as long term planning. This environment is not something that a principal can mandate. It must be cultivated by the entire staff. We must remember we are here to teach students and not subjects.

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